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August 15
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It was a normal day for Gazaline Alice Membrane. She went downstairs and ate the last of the cereal as her brother came down. He had been acting... Different. He still blathered on about Zim being an alien, the swollen eyeball, mysterious mysteries, etc., etc., but there was an air about him that felt... Off. Dib looked at her eating the last of the Count Cocoa Fang, shrugged, and went to the cabinet to make himself some pop tarts.

his clothes were different. Instead of his normal, black and blue attire, he wore a bright white trench coat, a white happy-face t-shirt, white jeans and white boots. He gave her a small smile as he waited for his toaster pastries to pop.

for some reason, the whole experience didn't bode well for Gaz. He hadn't launched into a rant about Bigfoot in their garage, he hadn't corrected her for eating half a box of cereal, and then he'd had the nerve to express happiness! How dare he?! She threw down her spoon and glared at him. "Hey."

no reply. Not even an acknowledgement of her existance.

"Hey! Crazy! Big-head! Look at me!"

Dib did look at her, and while it was only for a second, it chilled her to the bone. His hazel eyes seemed to pierce right through her, analyzing her to the core. Then, he gave her a smile, and turned to his pop-tarts. "Little sister, let me ask you something."

she groaned- what dumb question would it be this time? Do you think Dad will be home tonight? You believe me that Zim's an alien, right? Do you love me?

Gaz was not prepared for what she heard next.

"If you knew today was your last day on earth, what would you do different?"

Gaz was startled, but she asked, "If I do something different, can today not be my last day on earth?"

"no, no, you're dying no matter what. But would you do something different anyway?"

"no." The answer was quick and spiteful, just how Gaz liked it. True, she probably would've said, "I don't hate you," or even "I kinda like you," to Dib and Dad, but that would be dumb. She wasn't going to die anytime soon. Six-year-olds only died in books, TV, movies and video games. Never in real life.

the rest of the day went smoothly. She went to school and played her game through all of class, tortured students on the playground, ate everything in the cafeteria, and started to walk home with Dib.

Dib was clutching her arm tighter than usual, as though she might try to run off at any moment. which was stupid, really, where would she go?

then, Dib turned to her with an eerie, toothy grin. "Hey, Gaz."

she groaned. "What?"

"Think fast."

A large, thick arm was braced around her, lifting her off her feet. Her Gameslave 2 clattered to the ground, shattering into pieces. She let out a strangled yell, kicking and trying to get her attacker to let go. He ignored these attempts and shoved a wad of soggy cloth into her mouth. The smell was sickening and the taste was bitter and made her want to puke. The last thing she could recall was Dib smirking at her as she lost consciousness.

when she next awoke, she found herself unable to move. She was completely aware, yet she couldn't move. It was like that feeling you get when you're really tired, sleep paralysis.

When she managed to force her eyelids open, she had no clue where she was. She was lying on a splintery old wood floor, her ankles and wrists tied up. Her feet were side-by-side and her wrists looked like she was clasping her hands in prayer.

turning her head and lifting it up as much as she could, she could see three others in her position. KeefJessica The Popular Girl, Zim and Gaz were all laying flat on their backs, tied up in exactly the same manner. Zim, who would normally be screaming that "he is Zim" and that he would "destroy all the pig-smellies" was shivering in fear, just like Keef and Jessica.

Gaz would not stoop that low. "Dib!!!" She screamed. "Dib!!! Come rescue me right now!!! If you don't, I'll send you go a nightmare world from which there is no-"

a large foot got kicked her in the head, as an order to be quiet. Ms. Bitters' sickly, almost-mute son stood over her, his face expressionless. Then he knelt down and wrapped a blindfold over her eyes. Now she would be completely blindsided by anything this man did to her. And, to top it off, her hands were tied, so she couldn't remove it.

"Hey! Retard! Untie me!" She screamed towards the mans retreating footsteps. "You! Untie me! Now! Take off the blindfold! I want to see and be able to use my hands and feet! Now! Untie me NOW!!!"

all that could be heard in reply were the mans footsteps walking away from her. He appeared to be talking to them. "In... Or... Der... O... Kay?"

Huh? Gaz wondered. "In order"?

Because of the blindfold, Gaz listened more intently. There was a loud thump. The sound of scissors snapping open and closed.


True, animalistic, primal shrieks. Pure, undiluted terror. Keef, the weird, possibly gay kid was howling in pain. Gaz had never felt pity, terror, or sickness in her life, but this horrible symphony was what unearthed her humanity. This was not a dream. This was not a game. Keef was screaming in the face of death.

What is he doing to him?! What kind of torture could inflict this kind of pain?! Why isn't God allowing him to fall unconscious so he doesn't have to suffer?! These were the thoughts that ran through Gaz's head as the child she had shunned only hours before was now dying a slow and painful death.

Splat! Splash! Scrape!



The horrid yelling seemed to go on for years, and eventually, the gurgling and screaming stopped, leaving only a petrified silence.


without a moments pause, Jessica The Popular Girl was the next to scream for her life. She was screaming a lot louder than Keef had been. There was the sound of ripping. Tearing. Snipping.

"cough! Hic! Gag! Gurgle!"

it felt like everything inside Gaz was suddenly frozen, and said frozen insides now wanted to be frozen outsides.

which, she reminded herself, they probably will soon. God, what is he doing to them?! she was sure she would find out soon.

Jessica continued making noise. "Glug! Cough! Hic! Grrllbbg..."

then there was was a loud thump-ing sound, like something heavy being dropped. The sound of scissors once more. Then silence.

Drip... Drip... Drip...

"Wha-?! You?! How did- no... No! AAAARRREEEAAAAARRRRGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!"

Zim's voice was one she was used to hearing scream in unendurable agony. She often threw her sodas or pizzas at him, and they had the equivalent of hot acid on his skin. But this wasn't the same. It hurt, but Zim was always fine afterwards. This was the sound of a young boy being ripped apart from the inside. Even an alien couldn't survive this kind of thing. Visceral, bloody, screaming murder.

Shut up! Wailed Gaz inwardly. Just shut up and die already! Then she realized the horrific thought she'd had. "Just die already"...? God, what is wrong with me?... You know what? I don't care! I don't care anymore! Just get it over with and leave me in peace!

another snip, more screaming and gurgling, and eventually, the Irken Invader Zim was dead. The words of Ms. Bitters' son echoed back to her.

"In Order..." Oh, no! Realization dawned on her. That means I'm next!

Her blindfold was slowly loosened. The man was taking it off. She would get to see her killer, stare into his eyes for as long as she could see, and die with one shred of dignity.

this is plan would go out the window the second she saw her killer's face. "No..." She gasped. "Noo...."

nothing could've prepared her her for the horrific sighs that would greet her.

the face looking down on her was not the face of the man at all.

Kneeling on top of her, holding a pair of bloodstained scissors, was her brother, Dib. his face dyed red and dark green with the blood of his victims, he stared down at her with soulless hazel eyes and a smirk. His entirely white attire was now pure, bright red, with a few splotches of green hidden amid the horrors.

"No..." Sobbed Gaz. "Why? Why is it you?!"

Dib ignored her. He took those rusty, dull, thoroughly blood-soaked blades, and ever-so-slowly brought them closer and closer to her left eye. And then, without warning, he broke into a fit of eerie giggles. He never broke his gaze or stopped snapping the blades open and closed, but he leaned over her, his grin impossibly stretched across his face, giggling at her.

"No... Noo... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! "

Gazeline's left eye put up little resistance as her brother plunged the blades deep into it. Her vision ran red as she unconsciously let out horrible, primal screams of pure, awful agony.


Up. Down. Up. Down. Again and again, the sewing scissors stabbed into her eye. "You know," Dib chastised, "it'd be over if you'd just die already."

eventually, the eye was nothing but soup. "There!" Declared Dib triumphantly. "Now that it's nice and mushy, let's see if we can scoop it out!"

the sound of a foreign object scraping against the bone in her eye socket echoed throughout Gaz's cranium mercilessly- not from her eardrums, but directly into her brain. The pain grew worse with each heartbeat, yet the trauma of the experience made her heart beat faster, creating an endless cycle.

"okay, moving on." He put the tip of the blades to his sisters lips. She shuddered at the bitter taste of her own blood. "Open up and say 'AHH!'"

"No... Noooo... Please, NOOOOO!!!"

the screaming was not only futile, it probably sealed her fate. At the moment she screamed, yet again, for her life, Dib reached in her mouth, pulled her tongue out as far as it would go, and clamped the blades down on it. Blood flowed out of the lost tongue, hot and fresh, as Dib threw it over his shoulder. Gaz couldn't force herself to swallow. She had no more tongue to do it with. The blood kept flowing. She couldn't breathe. Couldn't turn over to empty the blood that way. She was bleeding to death, but choking was racing to get there first.

Gaz was long past being scared, long past being angry, long past even feeling sorry for herself, and she could only think one thing as her visioned darkened from red to black, her body grew cold and she lay there, choking to death on her own blood;

Who are you?

Gaz opened her eye a few moments later. She felt oddly heavy. And everything hurt, especially her mouth and the place her eye had once been. Upon further inspection, she realized that her entire body, from her once-purple hair to her black Mary Janes, was glowing a bluish white.

she was still in the damned shack. Dib was curled up in the corner, hugging his knees to his chest, glaring at Ms. Bitters' son. The man was holding the scissors and staring at the bodies. Gaz couldn't look away from the corpses. Hers looked pretty bad, but the others made her want to puke, though she no longer could.

Keef had had all his limbs removed. His arms and legs were crossed into two X-es on either side of his corpse. His mouth was open and full of blood, his skin dark blue. His tongue was next to him in a tiny burlap sac with his name on a note written in his own blood.

The majority of Jessica's head had been slowly and methodically removed and placed next to her corpse. Her tongue had also been removed and tied into a similar sac.

Zim's blood was dark green. His worm-like tongue had met the same fate as the tongues of the earth children. He was lying in his own innards, his chest and stomach just a giant, gaping space. His disguise had been removed and his antennae broken.

Dib glared at the man and hissed, "Shh!" Then quickly buried his face in his knees as sirens could be heard outside. Several officers burst in the door, aiming their guns at anything with a pulse, but froze when they saw the bodies.

"oh, my god..." Said one officer, and she ran outside to throw up. Another knelt down by Dib as two others put Ms. Bitters' son into handcuffs and dragged him outside.

"lemme through," gasped a voice outside. "Lemme through!" Professor Membrane shoved through the officers desperately. "Dib! Gaz! Where are you?!"

for the only find Gaz could recall, he really looked like a dad. When he saw her body and Dib in the corner, pretending very well to be shocked and horrified, he collapsed by her tiny, broken body. "Gazaline!!!" He moaned as his daughter was put into a body bag and wheeled out on a gurney. "My girl," the professor tried to chase after her, but was stopped by two officers. "My girl! Who did this?! Who?!"

"Doomathen Isaac Bitters, professor." One of the officers informed him. "He's in our custody, sir, he will pay for what he's done."

Dib looked up at his father, fake tears streaming down his cheeks. He had been practicing for this moment for months. "D-D-Daddy..." He groped for his father, who scooped him up.

"hush, son, shh, shh..."

"I didn't, I didn't want to, daddy, I didn't want to."

"no, son, of course not." Membrane carried the murderous child out of the shack.

"GUUUOOOOOOO!!!" Wailed Gaz. Blood rushed from her mouth and rushed down her front, and dripped on the floor in ectoplasmic specs. "He'hh hyihg! He'hh hyihg!" She had meant to say something along the lines of "NOOOOOOO!!! He's lying! He's lying!" But without a tongue, the task was impossible. she collapsed to her knees and wept. "Gaaaahh- geeeee! GAAAAHH-GEEEEE!!! Sob! Sob!"

looking up, she could see the other children, also bluish white, and in the same condition their bodies were in when they died. Zim stood with his stomach torn open and his organs missing. Jessica The Popular Girl had no head above her chin. Keef was floating in place without his limbs. When Keef or Zim opened their mouthes, blood oozed out onto their shirts. Jessica would always had blood oozing out of her gaping, cross-section of head.

"Grrrglub! Hrruuunngssscc..." Jessica gurgled.

"Ihh hurhhss..." Moaned Zim.

"hhy hihh he kihh us...?" Keef sobbed.

for the next awful few days, the four children watched the events their bloody, awful, visceral murders had on the entire country. All the news would talk about were the "Ignorantville Elementary Murders" and the arrest of Doomathen Bitters. The entire town was grieving, holding candle ceremonies to "help their cute little souls ascend." Their families (or, in Zim's case, robots) were horrified and devastated. Professor  Membrane, however, was the only one who really mourned Gaz. Dib would giggle himself to sleep at night and say, "goodnight, little sister," right before he passed out, a giant smirk across his face.

Ignorantville Elementary was failing. There would be accidents, from children being strangled in the tether ball rope, to falling down the stairs and being concussed, and these accidents always ended in death. Parents, out of pure terror, were taking their children and leaving the town, never to be heard from again. After a painful decision, it was set that at the end of the week that the school would be torn down. Perhaps one day, when the bloodstains had faded and the dead had been ascended, a new one would be built in its place. But for now, the pain for those parents who stayed behind, would be too great if it were left standing.

at the end of that week, once the last bell had rung, dealing the school's fate, Dib rushed into an open janitor's closet and locked the door. He opened a laptop and started typing on his forum, on which he had over 20,000 fans.

The Gazalene Ever After charm, named for one Gazeline Alice Membrane, is a recent endeavour, written by her grieving brother. Dibothen Isaac Membrane, longing for his sisters generosity and kindness to live on once she died, created a charm so his sisters soul, if the charm is performed correctly, would pass through its participants and bring them luck in all their aspects of life, most particularly friendship.
You will need;
a blank piece of paper
a pair of scissors
one or more friends

Fold the piece of paper in half, and cut out the proxy doll, which will represent miss Gazeline. All participating must grab onto the paper doll with their dominant hand, then chant the words, "Gazeline, be with us" once for each participant, and once for Gazeline. Then break the proxy doll by tearing it, giving all participants a piece. If this charm is done correctly, Gazeline will be with you and grant you good luck.

satisfied, Dib copy-pasted the charm onto a new word document, then to the original, hilighted and deleted the words, "and once for Gazeline." He moused over the "post" button, then turned directly to Gaz and stared at her.

"there is one thing I must do first." He muttered a strange chant under his breath, summoning the spirits if his other three victims. He smirked up at them. "You all considered yourselves better than all others," he sneered. "You thought you were immortal, thought nothing could ever harm you. Wasn't it a reality check when I had you in that shack, tied up and begging me for mercy? For once, the All-powerful Brat, the Popular Bitch, the Best Friend Stalker and the Alien Monster weren't in control. No, it was crazy, lying, big-head himself, Dib ol' Dib. And now you realize that your souls are mortal and I can curse you."

"Guoo... Guib-"

"I swear," snarled Dib, his eyes flashing and wind swirling around them in the tiny room, "that as long as I wish it, this school will be your home. But it will also be your prison. You will never rest in peace. Forever you will wander these empty halls with my mother. And forever, you will watch as other souls join yours, for there will be no peace or rest for them either. No nirvana, no heaven, no Elysium, just eternal pain and suffering for the rest of time. And you four, upon the destruction of this school tomorrow, will keep the halls alive and pain filled forever. Your closed spaces will forbid you from moving on. This is my curse. My power alone can break it!"

the he wind swirled faster and faster, in closing on Dib and swirling into his open hands. He clasped them together, a bright green light shining through his fingers, and threw his hands down at the ground, as the now red light exploded through the school, under the floorboards, inside the lockers, out of the toilets, creating a ring around the school and the school, breaking it off from the rest of the world and from the rest of time. Dib covered himself in a green hue and left the school through the front door and into the light of day.

"GUIB-HIHGG!!" Yelled Zim, rushing for the door. The big, heavy, metal slabs threw themselves closed, cutting them off from the light forever. Gaz rushed to a nearby window and stared outside. It was as black as night and raining buckets. Upon trying to open the windows, it was discovered that they were sealed shut, just like the front door. All around the school, only forest could be seen. The only open door lead to the courtyard and the forest.

it could only be assumed that the school was torn down the next day, but all forms of keeping track of time were lost. The clocks had stopped, and outside there was a permanent rainy night. This would be home for the rest of eternity.

 But Gaz refused to be here alone, with no one but these four idiots to keep her company. People would find the charm, and when they did, this place would be their tomb.

"Cohhm ahh puuaay!"
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